Who We Are

The SEO Industry has really only taken off in the last 5 years or so. H-Mag was initially a company that was a premium lifestyle magazine, we then branched into the digital space creating a web design business. Now for the past 5 years we have been completely focused on SEO, we have a large experienced team of over 50 staff. We want to break the mold, our main aim is to show our clients that SEO is not a gimmick and remove the stigma around “SEO”. There have been many companies who in the past have gained a mistrust for SEOers due to the majority of the industry being black hat. We are here to prove there are still the good guys! By doing everything white hat and following Google’s guidelines it puts your website in the best frame moving forward. Luckily in our area there are plenty of well represented SEO companies to choose from in Brisbane.

What Is SEO?

We’ve been implementing successful white hat SEO strategies since we started in the SEO industry and we are confident that we can take any company and help them naturally grow. You may be asking, what is SEO and why is it important?




This video is fairly dated but it summarises the SEO industry and what it is that we do. It shows how important SEO is for your company. The higher your rank the more you get SEEN!

Why do we need SEO?

You may think you can get by on your own but it’s possible that your competitors are already using a service like this that will truly blow you and your website out of the water. If your competitors aren’t using SEO, even better! It will be much easier for your to get placed at a higher rank in Google for more search terms and keywords. If you are interested in working with us we have a special deal that we do for all new clients. You won’t have to pay anything for your first month! That’s right, we are that confident we can show your results in the first month. If you don’t like it after the month you can leave with no charge. Drop us a line on our contact page.

Our Main Office

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